Richard Schäli

CEO & Founder

Schäli has accumulated experience of  7 years in stock trading. Primarily investing long-term into the US and Chinese equity markets he focuses on holding tech companies at a fair valuation. 

Herbert Türk

Derivatives Trading Division

Türk has accumulated experience of more than 30 years. By developing advanced trading systems he managed to successfully trade options on the US market. 

Slavisa Tosic

Head of Swiss Market Operations

Tosic has accumulated experience of more than 10 years. By applying technical indicators to Swiss stocks he managed to keep risk low while having an outperforming return on a yearly basis.

Markus Wenczel

Derivatives Trading Division

Wenczel has accumulated experience of more than 5 years. If he trades options he combines trend- and news trading to take advantage of any market situation.

Gerrit Schmitz

Head of Global Market Operations

Schmitz has accumulated experience of more than 3 years. With active risk management and a focus on momentum, he was able to achieve continuous performance.

Marco Matti

Head of Chinese Market Operations

Before Matti moved to China, he worked as an investment advisory specialist for a major Swiss bank, devising investment recommendations. He has accumulated more than 5 years of experience, especially in the Chinese market.


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