Leveraging the momentum


Investment Objective

The SCM MOH implements trading ideas on stocks, currencies and stock indices with a leverage of up to about 10 times the capital investment.
Warrants and knock-out products can be traded. Warrants and knock-out products can be held mid and long term. Individual warrants could be closed at short notice by stops and knock out criteria.

Leverage products on shares of the American stock exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ are also selected. Equity companies with a market capitalization of USD 50 billion to USD 200 billion are available for selection. Stocks quoted above the simple moving averages of 20, 50 and 200 days may be shortlisted.

If shares show the expected trend direction when considering cycles on an hourly, two-hourly, four-hourly on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the corresponding trend direction could be traded. If a trend is confirmed, oscillators can be consulted to find the most likely entry point.)

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The Fundmanager

Herbert Türk came into contact with funds for the first time through financial consulting (1988). At that time, he brokered funds. For him, it was an interesting topic and so he became increasingly interested in the stock market. He believed that one can create an advantage if you have the right tools. So he started to develop trading systems.

Today he manages sustainable and speculative portfolios to give his ideas free rein.



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