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Investment Objective

We aim to buy high-growth, innovative, futuristic, at best profitable technology companies that can be obtained at a fair price and usually with a small market capitalization. These criteria are always applied wherever possible, but there is no guarantee that every criterion will be applied. The companies may come from the international sector, but a special focus is placed on Asia and the USA, as growth there can be much more significant than in Europe, for example. With the help of different software like or Refinitiv it can be quickly recognized if the company is available at a fair price and if it is growing fast. Therefore I refer to a purely fundamental (not technical or chart based) strategy. A position should not be larger than 15% (initial investment) for reasons of risk. The cash portion can be arbitrarily large, since it depends very much on which market situation you are in. The companies should have a market capital of less than 50 billion at the time purchased.ETF's are rarely used to cover the growth of a specific industry. Examples are the Tracker ETF's for crypto currencies.Leverage products can be used as a hedge, for example in case of increased uncertainty and volatility, it can be a perfect way to hedge. However, it should not be an integral part of the strategy and should not exceed 100% if the leverage factor is taken into account. Example: A 4% position with 5 leverage= 4*5=100%. Since I will mostly trade with turbo certificates, the leverage varies, therefore only the leverage factor at purchase is relevant for this calculation.Basically the whole investment universe including funds, exchange traded notes, discount and other certificates is unlocked.

The Fundmanager

Richard Schäli has accumulated experience of more than 7 years. He bought his first stock in the age of 7 and since then was able to show off a track record of several hundred percents. To see things from the perspective of a Gen-z, enabled him to find companies that could be interesting in the future. He buys companies sole based on fundamental analysis. To make sure the fund is secure from short-term downturns he fully controls how to trade options and how to set stop-losses by using the technical analysis.




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