Swiss market analysis based on technical analysis

Part 6

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The Swiss stock market closed trading more tightly on Friday. The main gains on the day of the large expiry of the options were primarily boosted by the heavyweight gains. By contrast, some financial stocks lost ground.

The business was pretty quiet on the "Witches' Sabbath", market participants said. Hopes of economic activity would have pushed concerns about the consequences of a second Covid-19 wave into the background. However, traders are warning investors about too much confidence. In addition to the risk of a second wave of contagion, skirmishes along the China-India border and tensions in US-China trade relations are risks that should not be underestimated. Setbacks are therefore not excluded.

On Friday, however, things went up for the time being: The SMI closed the trade at 0.78 percent higher at 10,266.29 points. The index rose 4.8 percent over the entire week. The SLI, which contains the 30 most important stocks and in which the weighting of the largest stocks was capped, rose by 0.57 percent to 1,524.92 at the end of the week and the broad SPI by 0.70 percent to 12,330. 76 counters. In the SLI, twenty winners faced the ten losers.

* Source: mk/tp

All recommendations that we made with technical analysis are still intact. The SMI is slowly going up. Actually there is a bit of uncertainty in the market what happens when the second wave comes.

Based on technical analysis for this week, it has no new interesting stocks worth recommending. All of these stocks that we mentioned are still attractive and you can keep track of them.

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