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Part 4

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The Swiss stock market rose strongly on Friday, April 12, 2020, ending the midweek after Pentecost with a gain of well over 3 percent despite the setback on Thursday. The current rally has now lasted three weeks. The labor market report from the United States provided a boost at the end of the week after the courses had previously drunk somewhat listlessly. The figures did not show a further marked rise in the unemployment rate in the range of 20 percent as expected, but on the contrary a slight decrease. The situation in the US is thus far less bad than feared, the tenor in market circles. The slump in April was not yet offset, but it raised hopes of a change for the better.

Given the massive flood of money with which the ECB and other central banks are currently flooding the markets, there is apparently only a way up for equities at the moment, said a trader. However, many observers' unease about the rapid rise in stocks has not diminished, with particular emphasis on the social unrest in the USA and the second wave of the pandemic that is looming ahead.

The Swiss Market Index closed 1.14 percent higher at 10,190.37 points. Compared to last Friday, there was a weekly increase of 3.7 percent. * ) Source: cf / jb

Based on technical analysis, some stocks can be described as very interesting to buy *). According to bullish divergence, these are shares of APG SGA SA. Current price is CHF 180 and support is CHF 165 (or until Relative Strength Index RSI is over 30). 

TX Media stocks are also interesting based on bullish divergence. Current price is CHF 67 and strong support is CHF 60.4. 

Technical analysis also shows that shares in Meier Tobler AG should bring good returns. Current price is CHF 10.45 and support is CHF 8.74 which is actually a bit of a risk. On the other hand, the profit you can get is also big.

RSI above 70 is the sell signal for these shares.

*) All purchase recommendations are made based on technical analysis and these recommendations are without responsibility.

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