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If we ask a question, when is the right time to buy a share, then we should take a closer look at a company. You also have to read some recent news to better understand the situation.

My 10 years of experience with the shares showed me that it is always important to find the right entry point. This is particularly important for small investors who have large commission as well as various fees. Technical analysis can help us to find the right entry point.

I will try a little deeper with technical analysis and current examples from the Swiss market, but first I will explain a few important points that could help us on the stock exchange.

Somewhere I find that discipline is very important. If we have trading rules then we have to follow these rules strictly. This should reduce our risk and increase market success. We always have the risk of trading stocks. We cannot predict the future so easily, but we can tell for example, if I buy shares with this support, my risk is lower because I sell these shares if support is broken.

Technical analysis shows us exactly that, many support and resistance prices, indicators that show that share prices should go up and much more. It also shows us when to sell stocks to make good profits. If we have good entry points and if we know where we should sell whom something goes wrong, we also avoid big losses. The difference between these two courses (prices) is our risk. The lower our risk is, we are near to find the starting point we are looking for.

My investor strategy is also based on so-called mid-term, because I have been quite enthusiastic about the stock market for over ten years and I have to look for something new, read and Analyse it every day. That is why all of my current examples are limited to this period (up to 6 months), although this could also be a good long-term purchase opportunity.

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