Mid-Term and Cap Recovery Programm

Due to the bad investment of Luckin Coffee we had suffered heavy losses. Therefore we decided to launch a recovery program that does not focus on diversification and keeping risk low but on profiting fast and big. This recovery program was announced on Friday and a first project was started immediately. In this project we are betting on the Mortgage Reit market to recover on a short term basis. With the central banks currently pumping a lot of money into the economy and a huge inflation being created, we can be pretty sure that the stock market will probably continue to rise (even if only on a very thin thread). Apart from that, the main problem with the mortgage market was that they came in late with the margin calls. Slowly but surely this problem is being solved and fortunately companies are no longer selling their own shares to pay off their debt. Therefore we are relatively sure that the mortgage market will rise. It is very likely that any position (which is not part of the Mortgage Reit bet) will be liquidated modified to one more kind of share for the Mortgage bet. We wanted to inform you about the enormous risk you are having in case you are a shareholder and wish you a nice Sunday.

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