Combining derivatives and equity


Investment Objective

The SCM ATHP makes worldwide investment in stocks and derivatives with the aim of investing in securities of even smaller companies who may be high potential companies. Start-ups or IPOs may also be possible candidates.
The derivatives should be selected from the entire investment universe but preferably in certificates of blue-chip companies.
Without restriction according to countries or industries, very short-term (a few hours) to medium-term (weeks, months, or even years) purchases are made.
The SCM ATHP invests only in shares who are not considered penny stocks.
The exploitation of trends should be a possible strategy as well as news and expert analyses, but above all the possible innovative strength and sustainability of the products of the "high potentials" should be an important selection criterion for inclusion in the SCM ATHP.
The holding period of the individual stocks can range from hours to decades. Possible distributions/dividend payments should be reinvested. For decision making, the chart analysis as well as the fundamental valuation is used.

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The Fundmanager

Markus Wenczel has a accumulated experience of more than 5 years. He is the founder of the stocktrading Forum "Aktientipp" which currently counts more than 30'000 members. In June 2020, his AMC received the labeling "High Performance" by wikifolio. 



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