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We are happy to help you with difficult decisions in the financial world. Arrange a meeting with our team.

Asset Management

Our experts manage their money with a quantitative approach. Choose between various investment funds listed on the stock exchange!

Implementing your Strategy

Together with us you can list an investment certificate at the stock market to combine your strategy with ours.

Educating you about the financial world

We believe that financial education is a basic need that's why we offer a 30-day mentoring program!



The Richfinancial Trading Group was founded on 18 February 2019 by Richard Schäli following the private launch of the first fund. Since then, the Richifinancial Trading Group has recorded a 7-digit trading volume in its funds on a monthly basis. Over time, the services were expanded from asset management to consulting, education and the individual launch of a financial product.


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Today, many asset managers lack transparency. Here I receive a newsletter every week and can check how much my money is worth at any time.

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