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Secanta Capital Management is an asset management firm for clients ranging from retail investors to ultra-high net worth individuals, it was founded in 2020 and is the successor of the Richifinancial Trading Group founded in 2019. Since then it has built up an extensive network of global business partners. Through our operations in the Asset Management space we invest in early and transformative phases in companies with the potential to achieve great things. Our dedicated team consists of experienced investors and traders seeking partnerships with high-performing, visionary entrepreneurs.



We try  to cover all the need of our clients with a portfolio of different funds

Through a wide range of funds which are listed on the Stuttgarter Stock Exchange as AMC's (Actively Managed Certificates) we enable investors of all kinds to experience the benefits of an advanced asset manager*.  Have a look at our funds by clicking the button below.

*We are no certified Asset Manager



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